Catholic Chat

Have better discussions about your faith

Catholic Chat is an app to help Catholics drive fascinating and introspective conversations, bringing you closer to God. For families, youth groups, RCIA classes, CCD, youth ministers ... anywhere you are seeking to have dynamic conversations about your faith. Catholic Chat will present you with an interesting question or topic which you can then ask to your kids, family, friends or whomever. Have real, meaningful conversations that will bring you closer to each other, and to God.


• Over 50 thought-provoking, faith-related questions
• Want a different question?  Swipe to the next one
• Let your friends or students ask the questions
• View all the questions in a list and search by keyword
• Tap on the one you want to see the full question
• View just your favorites or see all the questions
• See your favorites at a glance
• Tap the heart to mark a question as a favorite
• Tap again to "un-favorite"

• Compatible with iOS 9 and later
• Designed to work on any iPhone screen size, from smallest to largest

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