Helping families grow stronger one question at a time


"So, How was your day?"


"Anything exciting happen today?" 

"Um...not really."


Sound familiar? Engage the whole family in fun conversation with Family Chat! Family Chat will present you with an interesting question or topic which you can then ask to your kids, family, friends or whomever. Have real, meaningful conversations. 

Start talking. Grow closer.




Get the conversation started

200 thought-provoking, family-friendly questions

Want a different question?  Swipe to the next one

Let your kids ask the questions (and they'll practice their reading skills at the same time) 



Quickly see all the questions

View all the questions in a list and search by keyword

Tap on the one you want to see the full question

View just your favorites or see all the questions

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Choose your favorites

See your favorites at a glance

Tap the heart to mark a question as a favorite

Tap again to "un-favorite"



Anywhere, anytime

Waiting at the doctors office

Long car trips

Waiting for your food at a restaurant

At the the dinner table  

Awkward dinners with extended family (we've all been there, right?)

Any time your kids are bored! 




"I was tired of talking about the weather with my parents, so I launched Family Chat, swiped until I found something I liked, and sparked a good conversation that lasted from dinner to dessert."   - Paul Herzing

"Family Chat is great way to get the family talking about things they might otherwise never think about.  Who knew that my son thinks language is the greatest invention of all time and that he would eat apples as his only food if he had to.  It's been so much fun to hear all of our answers.  We love it! "  - Tracee Gartman