SimpleMoon provides a simple, elegant view of one thing: the moon phase for today, the next five days, and the previous five days. Use the navigation buttons at the top or swipe to move between days. SimpleMoon works even if you don’t have an internet connection!






There's not much to say -- launch the app, and you will immediately see today's moon phase.  Swipe or tab the arrows to navigate between the current day and previous or next days.  

SimpleMoon is built for iOS 7, so please make sure you have upgraded your iPhone before downloading.

To help support ongoing updates to the app, we've included ads in SimpleMoon.  We hope you don't mind, but if you'd rather not see ads, tap the settings icon (the gear below the moon) and then tap the "Purchase" button to permanently remove ads.  

Please note that SimpleMoon provides an approximate image of what the moon looks like today.  Because the illuminated portion of the moon is changing slightly throughout the day, the moon may appear slightly differently from what you see in the app.  It is most accurate if you view the moon from the east coast of the United States at noon on the day indicated.


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